Accessories for PORSCHE BOXSTER 986 and PORSCHE 911 (996) Suitable for:
  • PORSCHE BOXSTER 986 (Model 986 - MY 1997 - 2004)
  • PORSCHE 911 (Model 996 - MY 1997 - 2006)


Custom Sunvisor / Sun Visor Delete Kit for PORSCHE BOXSTER 986
  • 2 pcs. Original PORSCHE Boxster 986 Brackets without the pins for the sun visors. So you still have the brackets for the softtop - but you can delete the sun visors. The sunvisor-free frame provides better visibility and the feeling of being "nearer to the sky". Kind of more puristic, "topless" driving... :-)
  • 2 pcs. covers for the holes appearing when demounting the clips for the sunvisors
  • All original parts will be preserved, so you can re-mount the sunvisors any time within a few minutes.
  • Time needed: 10 Min.
  • Tools needed:
    • Philips Screwdriver
    • Torx T30 Screwdriver


    Custom NAVI Dashboard Mount for
  • PORSCHE 911 (996)

  • NAVI-16mm
    Ball Diameter 16mm = 0.63"

    Ball Diameter 17mm = 0.67"
    • Dashboard Mount for PORSCHE BOXSTER 986 and PORSCHE 911 (996)
    • Custom Design in the PORSCHE BOXSTER 986 and PORSCHE 911 (996) cockpit design
    • For placing the device onto the dashboard, right into your line of sight. And as much far away from your eyes as possible, so that the eye does not need to accomodate too much between street view and close view on the Navigation device
    • Can hold GPS Navigation Systems, PDAs, Smartphones etc.
    • Interface to the electronic device bracket normally coming with your electronic gear is a ball bearing
    • Two ball bearing diameters available from which you can choose:
      • NAVI-16mm: Ball 16mm = 0.63" = 0.63 inches
      • NAVI-17mm: Ball 17mm = 0.67" = 0.67 inches
    • Onto this ball you can mount the bracket of your electronic device
    • The base socket of this holder is attached to the dashboard
    • Patented 3M Adhesive Technology
    • No tools needed, no drilling holes, etc.
    • The holder is put on the base socket
    • When not in use, the holder can be removed and the socket is covered by a stylish cover plate
    • If needed, even the base socket can eventually be removed residue-free